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CTV advertising provides marketers with the impact of TV and the precision of digital.

A Connected TV (CTV) is any TV set connected to the internet, most commonly used to stream video. As well as encompassing smart TVs, the term also refers to TVs connected via set-top boxes, TV sticks, and even gaming consoles. CTV advertising is escalating rapidly and poised to grow by 13.2% globally in 2023 to $25.9 billion, according to GroupM’s mid-year forecast.

Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) works like traditional TV but over the internet. It’s a free streaming service where users watch content on channels accompanied by advertisements. It’s a service that offers free access to pre-programmed video channels in exchange for watching ads during pre-scheduled breaks.

It’s cost effective and highly targeted, providing access to light TV viewers in a premium and accountable environment. It offers advertisers the opportunity to successfully communicate with a specific, passionate and engaged audience, such as Gamers or Extreme Sports enthusiasts.

Brands can repurpose existing advertising content to create a CTV campaign that can run across a wealth of channels at a reasonable access price. As such, there has never been a better opportunity for an advertiser to run a highly-targeted campaign with minimal clutter in a high impact environment.

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