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Advertising Sales across Digital, VOD and CTV


End to End Campaign Management


Founded in October 2019, we are the sister company of Media15, a highly regarded and long standing TV advertising sales agency.

Media16 has embraced the principles of accountability and integrity so central to Media15’s success and adapted their approach to provide a digital sales agency representing a range of unique, premium quality publishers. 

Media16 takes pride in working with a select group of publishers, helping them maximise the value of their commercial inventory.

Latest News

We have added three music channels to our portfolio of CTV publishers running on all FAST TV platforms.

Quincy Jones', @Qwest_TV comprises of Qwest TV Jazz & Beyond, Qwest TV Mix and Qwest TV Classical.

If you're interested to advertise, please email operations @media16.tv https://t.co/avKL7C0VQg
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New Research Finds That 72% of US Digital Advertisers Believe CTV Reaches Audiences More Effectively Than Linear TV https://t.co/IjaGIvHaNT @TremorVideo

Brilliant from @Tesco every little helps! https://t.co/m3PZ08JHLy
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Campaign @Campaignmag
Supermarket giant Tesco has chosen to use its advertising to tell consumers to 'give Tesco a miss' and visit their local pubs as they reopened yesterday https://t.co/MQsUpgxEtz https://t.co/dAIGQZx5lO