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Advertising Sales across Digital, VOD and CTV


End to End Campaign Management


Founded in October 2019, we are the sister company of Media15, a highly regarded and long standing TV advertising sales agency.

Media16 has embraced the principles of accountability and integrity so central to Media15’s success and adapted their approach to provide a digital sales agency representing a range of unique, premium quality publishers. 

Media16 takes pride in working with a select group of publishers, helping them maximise the value of their commercial inventory.

Latest News

A study of the connected TV market shows that the number of households with CTV is set to increase by 82% by 2023'.
The Drum - Industry Insights report on the uplift of CTV and it's future for consumers.
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For all those lovers of classic television, advertisers and viewers alike - 29/11/2020 18.00 - Talking Pictures TV - Virgin Channel 445 | Freeview HD & SDTV Channel 81 | Sky Channel 328 https://t.co/Q9YYGfW0hc Media16tv photo

The European Connected TV Initiative, backed by @Google , @IPONWEB , @RokuInc., and @FinconsGroup plans to explore opportunities, as well as developing proposals aimed at unlocking CTV’s full potential in the years ahead.

@TheDrum brings the introduction to it’s readers.

"Global lockdowns and uncertain economic times have pushed consumers to adopt ad-supported video on demand services quicker than ever before and many #CTV publishers now find themselves with more inventory than their direct sales team can sell".