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Advertising Sales across Digital, VOD and CTV


End to End Campaign Management


Founded in October 2019, we are the sister company of Media15, a highly regarded and long standing TV advertising sales agency.

Media16 has embraced the principles of accountability and integrity so central to Media15’s success and adapted their approach to provide a digital sales agency representing a range of unique, premium quality publishers. 

Media16 takes pride in working with a select group of publishers, helping them maximise the value of their commercial inventory.

Latest News

New Research Finds That 72% of US Digital Advertisers Believe CTV Reaches Audiences More Effectively Than Linear TV https://t.co/IjaGIvHaNT @TremorVideo

Brilliant from @Tesco every little helps! https://t.co/m3PZ08JHLy
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Campaign @Campaignmag
Supermarket giant Tesco has chosen to use its advertising to tell consumers to 'give Tesco a miss' and visit their local pubs as they reopened yesterday https://t.co/MQsUpgxEtz https://t.co/dAIGQZx5lO