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Advertising Sales across Digital, VOD and CTV


End to End Campaign Management


Founded in October 2019, we are the sister company of Media15, a highly regarded and long standing TV advertising sales agency.

Media16 has embraced the principles of accountability and integrity so central to Media15’s success and adapted their approach to provide a digital sales agency representing a range of unique, premium quality publishers. 

Media16 takes pride in working with a select group of publishers, helping them maximise the value of their commercial inventory.

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Tune into @SteelHouse’s replay today to find out how you can reach your audiences 24/7 & where #connectedtv comes into play! https://t.co/23e4k22v0C
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#ConnectedTV an 'always on', on-demand activity - shouldn't your #DigitalAdvertising efforts be treated the same? Tune into our webinar replay, hosted by @eMarketer, and learn how you can reach your audience 24/7 on this #PerformanceMarketing channel. https://t.co/Rv3ZOMMINm https://t.co/1Ki1Brcaq9

Brilliant news for #connectedtv 👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/46wVw2zNpv
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Want another reason to make a shift to #ConnectedTV advertising? @Roku announced a record fourth quarter and outperformed Wall Street’s predictions - but there's still a lot of work to go until CTV ad buys to match viewership levels. Read more: https://t.co/l7CG7kZc7Y https://t.co/8PLpminGFC

Law and Crime are part of our inventory at Media16. Law and Crime is available for advertising opportunities through us at Media16. Contact us for more information.

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You can now watch The Drum's prediction festival, covering the digital predictions of 2021, including CTV, one of the biggest opportunities in advertising today.


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