Founded in October 2019, we are the sister company of Media 15 a highly regarding and long standing TV advertising sales agency.

Media 16 has embraced the principles of accountability and integrity so central to Media 15’s success and adapted their approach to provide a digital sales agency representing a range of unique, premium quality publishers. 

Media 16 takes huge pride in working with a select group of publishers, helping them maximise the value of their commercial inventory.

Our experience lies in helping specialist publishers generate revenue from relevant advertisers looking to reach a specific and very passionate audience.

We believe there is a huge opportunity in the world of Digital, VOD and CTV to leverage our extensive experience and provide a more personal approach in what is fast becoming a commoditised environment.

We care passionately about our publisher partners and believe that the right advertisers can help enhance their offering. In addition, we also believe that encouraging a relationship between publisher and advertiser can enhance the value and effectiveness of each and every advertising campaign.