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Our exclusive platforms

Exclusive inventory sales on two major FAST platforms Titan OS (Philips TV) and Virgin Media
Our USP - Philips and Titan OS
Philips are the 3rd largest TV manufacturer in the UK with access to over 40 million monthly impressions. Philips TV launched Titan OS, a new TV operating system. Media16 are working with Philips TV to sell advertising across Titan OS.
Our USP - Virgin Media
Media16 work exclusively with Virgin Media to sell advertising across their FAST platform. Virgin offer light Sky TV viewers, at scale with over 15 million monthly impressions, all accessed via their EPG.

Why Media16?

Extensive Portfolio: Our portfolio boasts an impressive array of 150 channels, delivering access to over 100 million monthly impressions. Whether you’re targeting niche demographics or broad audience segments, we have the channels to suit your campaign objectives.

Expertise in CTV: With a deep understanding of the connected TV landscape, Media16 combines cutting-edge technology with traditional linear television roots. This unique blend of expertise allows us to represent high-quality supply and collaborate closely with publishers to optimise revenue streams.

Premium Partnerships: Our partners broadcast on a diverse range of CTV, FAST, and Video-On-Demand (VOD) platforms, including Samsung TV Plus, Virgin Media, Philips, LG, and Freeview. This broad spectrum ensures that your campaigns reach viewers across multiple devices and platforms, maximising your reach and impact.

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