While we work across all digital channels we are particularly involved with CTV and its potential.

It’s clear that OTT/CTV advertising is  here to stay. In fact, it only continues to get bigger and more dynamic.

So why do we believe it’s so important for advertisers? Well, besides the massive breadth and scope of the OTT/CTV advertising opportunity, there’s the fact that this represents a huge leap in targeting capabilities from linear television. Put simply, with OTT/CTV advertising marketers get the impact of traditional TV ads combined with the precision of digital.

This is especially important for advertisers looking to communicate directly with a specific audience, for example Gamers or Extreme Sports enthusiasts. For many of these advertisers, traditional television has proved too expensive and high risk. The wealth of channels now available at a reasonable access price mean that there has never been a better opportunity for an advertiser to run a highly-targeted campaign with minimal clutter in a premium, high impact environment.